The Esplanade | The Peterson Companies

National Harbor, MD

Developed by Bozzuto and Peterson Companies, The Esplanade at National Harbor is comprised of 262 luxury apartments with more than 13,000 square-feet of amenity space that Hartman Design Group brought to life through interior design.

Inspired by the unique location of National Harbor's first and only apartment community, the design team drew inspiration from the surrounding harbor, pulling in dark neutrals, deep plums, silver and grey sand tones to make each space feel luxurious and sophisticated. Various wood tones are used to mirror colors found on boardwalks and on exotic beaches, while textures in the lighting choices created the visual effect of various properties found in water, such as reflection and movement.

The common areas feature an open design, with no room barriers, allowing residents to move freely between spaces. Dark gray wall dividers are reminiscent of coral reefs, while contrasting columns in a glossy white can be compared to sparkling white sand beaches. Soft, comfortable furniture choices create a relaxing and soothing environment. 

Sophisticated design spaces were created to encourage residents to enjoy all the amenities offered at The Esplanade, including the theater, golf simulation room, and business center. The designs welcomes residents to sit and relax around the communal tables, enjoy time alone or in social groups in one of the many elegant sitting areas where convenient electrical outlets are easily available for plugging into mobile devices.