Residences at Capital Crescent Trail | Capital Properties


Despite its outdated condition prior to the renovation, its location adjacent to the Crescent Trail in Bethesda drew many residents to this property.  Now that the amenities, units, and corridors are completely renovated, this residential high-rise makes an even more desirable home for residents. HDGs design approach to this Capital Properties renovation combined transitional design with modern elements, creating a timeless design.

To compete in the marketplace, HDG maximized the limited amenity space available in every way. In the early 2000s, when the previous owner converted the building from a commercial to a residential space, the pool was too expensive to complete, so the pool well was buried under concrete.  During this renovation, it was unearthed and now is a beautiful addition to this fitness-conscious residence.

The HDG design team upgraded the leasing office and reconfigured the first floor to add a fireside lounge adjacent to the lobby, a business and conference center, and an expanded fitness and yoga center. The design team focused on providing adequate and state-of-the-art bike storage and a maintenance shop. The many residents who bike the trail regularly appreciate these added amenities.

HDG also transformed the residential floors from dreary and plain to look more like a high-end hotel. The elevator lobbies on each floor give a warm sense of arrival to residents. To break up the long corridors, HDG used pilasters with recessed sconces in each pilaster. The design team recessed each entry and used rich, dark wood around the doorways to offset the unit entry from the corridor, giving each residence its own defined space. This property was transformed so dramatically, that walking in the door after the final installation, residents were awestruck.

ABC Excellence in Construction Awards Winner - 2016