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Meet HDG Senior Multi-family Interior Designer Betsy

HDG was fortunate to hire Betsy five years ago.

A Senior Multi-Family Interior Designer, Betsy not only has a master’s degree in interior design, but also in architecture too. To her, it made sense to get the two degrees since it helped her understand how users fill the space and what aspects of a space can be modified to be better used. Born in Ecuador, Betsy’s exploration continued, though as she applied for and was granted a diversity lottery visa to come and live in the United States as a Permanent Resident Alien (also known as a green card holder). But wait! There’s more! We’re so thrilled to present you this video that walks through Betsy’s journey to five year HDG employee, wife, mother, and… U.S. Citizen!

Betsy’s deep experience enhances HDG and she brings her deep insight into the built world to all her interactions here at HDG as she interacts with colleagues, our clients, including Developers, Property Owners, Financiers, Architects and Builders alike. We’re so fortunate to count Betsy among our employees and it gives us great pleasure to celebrate her children’s births and her citizenship too.