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Beyond the Bio: Christine

Meet Christine, our one-of-a-kind interior designer, and tea maker!

Christine’s passion for tea-making started when she was on a hunt for some nerdy-themed teas for a party. An acquaintance pointed her towards a website where they had a “create your own” function and her passion blossomed from there.

+ How do you pick the flavor profiles?

My three current collections are all Disney-themed, so I try and pull from the movies and the characters for what inspires the flavors: roses and strawberries for Alice in Wonderland, Earl Grey and cream for Beauty & the Beast, etc.

+ What’s a great lesson you’ve learned pursuing this hobby?

I’ve learned about different taste profiles and how to tell what flavors match whether I enjoy them or not: I make no money from this but do donate my 5% to charity and so I want to put together teas that people will enjoy. Sometimes that means stepping outside my comfort zone in terms of taste, so I’ve learned to gauge how to fit those flavors together. Fortunately, I have plenty of guinea pigs… I mean, tea-loving friends who are willing to accept a care package of teas to taste-test for me.

+ How do you find time while working a full-time job?

Typically, I’ll only create one or two blends at a time and just take maybe a half hour to put a blend together while I’m watching Netflix. Each blend requires its own artwork, which is what takes the longest: for my current collections I’m pulling from existing artwork that I have laying around, so it doesn’t take that long. Currently I’m working on some different artwork for my next collection, which is taking a little more time.

+ What’s your next tea collection?

My next collection is “Pangolins in hats”, which will have 8 teas that I’m releasing weekly! Pangolins enjoy the distinction of being the most trafficked animal in the world, to the point where it’s directly responsible for their “endangered” status. I learned about them while choosing charities for a different tea, so I decided to do a collection where every tea was linked to the Pangolin Conservation charity.