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1800 Oak
Arlington, VA

The major design objective was to reposition the dated common spaces of the apartment building to increase the value of the asset and to create a return on investment through enhanced rent revenue. Our primary goal was to maximize renter retention and occupancy by creating functional and stunning amenities that speak to today’s residents.

The team’s mission was to create an urban-hotel experience that would differentiate the property from its competition. The newly renovated space encourages connection among the residents, provides work and play space, and solidifies a sense of community. With approximately 10,000SF of renovated space, the team was able to transform this property into an innovative space where productivity and leisure coincide.

The design concept embraces wood materials reminiscent of the “oak theme”, reinforcing the name of the street this property is built on. Organic materials, earth tones, and textures were juxtaposed by rich jewel tones to create a casual yet elegant ambiance. Features such as branch hardware on the entry doors, live edge countertops, and wood bark veneer were integrated throughout the interiors to further define the property branding.

Due to constraints imposed by site grading, opportunities for windows were greatly reduced limiting the amount of natural light. Our team developed lighting concepts to compensate for this limitation while addressing the lack of window openings with thoughtful wall articulation.

Amenities were doubled. An underutilized lobby and sitting room were transformed into a socially active lounge featuring a tea station and a communal table. The oversized vestibule was reduced to allow for Uber and Lyft lounges on either side of the entry door. Throughout the first level, there are multiple opportunities to work, socialize – alone or together. The leasing office and concierge were relocated to achieve line of sight to the front door and the package storage room was expanded to meet today’s ever-increasing demand. Locker rooms were relocated to allow for a large state-of-the-art fitness center and a dated clubroom was transformed into a modern-day sports bar.

Since the new lobby opened, the community manager reports that these spaces are consistently occupied with residents who work from home or telecommute part-time—one day, he says, there wasn’t a single empty seat. “Everyone loves it. You’ll see random people come in here, taking pictures and selfies,” he says. “When you compare it to what it used to be, it’s just mind-blowing.”


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