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Example of Hartman Interior Design work on an affordable age-restricted multifamily housing project in Rockville, Maryland.

Residences on the Lane – Rockville
Rockville, MD

Our philosophy: Affordable housing works when it provides more than just a place to live. It is an investment in the long-term health of its residents. A beautiful place to live fosters a sense of pride that is stabilizing.

Affordable multifamily apartments should seamlessly fit into the neighborhood by design as in the case of this ten-story building has 74 one-bedroom apartments and 37 efficiencies and is age restricted to those 62 and up. This was a public-private partnership with the City of Rockville Housing Opportunities Commission.

Our approach comes from The following beliefs we hold:

  • Affordable multifamily buildings that look, feel, and live like market-rate apartments promote a sense of place, access, attention to detail and comfort.
  • The connection to nature is affordable – There are many ways to reach the shared goal of a committment to the health benefits derived from biophilic design.
  • Through design excellence, we create engaging, healthy, energy-efficient, beautiful, comfortable, low-maintenance environments.
  • Solutions take shape when caring professionals partner for the good of all.

We were honored to design the amenity spaces of this property.

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