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Touchless Everything

One of the most critical elements in the spectrum of design is touch. As designers, we think about touch. We argue about touch. Touch is everything. The materiality of fabric, finish, or surface is something we spend a great deal of time troubling over. So, the idea of moving to a touchless experience, though understood, does not come without a subtle sense of loss for us.

However, touchless is the word of the day. Touchless entry, access, dispensers, etc.. Touchless everything. As designers, we embrace the challenge of touchless while looking for ways to add our own touch. Copper is a finish that seems the most resistant to COVID-19, specifically. However, companies like INOX have developed Antimicrobial Door Hardware that keeps microbes at bay between cleanings. We are also looking at antimicrobial surfaces made of quartz, all in recognition of the fact that we were meant to touch the environments we inhabit.