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Turning to our Natural Surroundings

Have you noticed how many people are walking and hiking since the Coronavirus has forced us to stay home? Physically distanced from our family, friends and favorite haunts, we have turned to our natural surroundings to help us emotionally heal during this stressful time. Stepping into one of the many preserves the DC area is blessed with, the internal monologue of to-do lists and worries begins to melt away.

I love to hike and find that communing with nature lifts my spirit like nothing else can. When wandering through the woods, one of my favorite activities is looking for unexpected inspiration. In nature, there is an ever-present tension between warm and cool; between raw and refined that creates a sense of mystery, balance, and beauty. Integrating the palettes of nature and its organic textures into the design of interior space creates a sense of peace and tranquility. Something we could all use more of now.

-Phyllis Hartman