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What’s Next for Package Rooms?

0ver 1.9 billion people were online shoppers at the end of 2019. By 2021 that number is estimated to reach 2.14 billion. Grocery delivery alone is expected to grow from $111 billion in 2020 to $154 billion by 2023. This trend began long before COVID-19, so you can imagine the impact now. From food to clothing to furniture and sundries arriving by truck multiple times per day, the most significant amenity transformation in multi-family buildings is likely to be the package room. Along with this shopping trend has come the technology needed to relieve operations staff from the burden of managing this onslaught of packages. Package lockers and secure self-serve package rooms have become an operations necessity and a resident expectation.

In multi-family buildings, the space required to provide residents the package service they have come to expect is transforming the way interior designers program, space plan, and design. When so much space is required, why make package storage back of house?

Creating a package experience that looks great and functions well becomes an amenity that is a proud part of the tour and a feature that drives resident engagement.